Acrylic Cylinders

Iconic features for aquariums and special venues.

Cylindrical aquariums provide noteworthy viewing experiences whether within public aquariums or as iconic features for shopping malls, hospitals, office spaces or other premium built environments.

Customer installing sizeable cylindrical aquariums in premium spaces and public venues may find it convenient to use AAT’s Operation and Maintenance Service to take care of everything from feeding and healthcare to life support system monitoring and management.

360 degree viewing

Authentic corals and rockwork.

Modelled on bommie coral outcrops, the most striking feature of cylindrical aquariums is the fish interacting with authentic-looking and colourful habitats.

The bigger cylinders allow room for divers to swim all around the corals for cleaning, maintenance and animal care. 

Design > Build > Operate

Bringing the concept to life.

Cylindrical aquariums feature intricate coral designs that are created by AAT’s rockwork, coral and theming artists using durable, non-toxic materials.

Beautiful installation at children’s hospital.

The state-of-the-art Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville, Melbourne, was opened by Her Majesty the Queen on the 26th October 2011.

The 7.5-meter-tall cylindrical aquarium is one of several innovative facilities at the hospital. Collectively, these features supply positive experiences and support for the patients, who are mainly children and young adults.

The two-storey-high cylinder holds around 130,000 litres of saltwater.

Inside, a central coral bommie is home to about 530 fish and 32 distinct species such as blacktip reef sharks, an epaulette shark and a hump head Maori wrasse named Garry.

The Royal Children’s Hospital also took advantage of AAT’s Operations & Maintenance Service, effectively outsourcing management of the aquarium so that they can take care of the children, while AAT takes care of the fish.

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