Cavernous Acrylic Tunnels

The view from the seabed.

Not only do acrylic tunnels provide a unique perspective on marine animals and life at sea, but the larger ones also create innovative event spaces for aquariums to rent for weddings and cocktail parties, generating additional sources of revenue.

AAT capabilities include acrylic tunnel manufacturing, installation, renovation and repair. For example, in refurbished the world’s oldest aquarium tunnel, in New Zealand.

Transparent rooms

Tunnel experiences come in all shapes, sizes and…colours.

This distinctive Amazonian Rain Forest exhibit – at the Cube Oceanarium in Chengdu, China – provides a unique insight into one of the world’s most important fresh water ecosystems. The green and brown hues reflect the authentic natural habitat.

Aquarium Tunnel Capabilities

Tunnel Design & Engineering

  • AAT brings tunnel manufacturing and installation know-how to early-stage design work, helping architects and visitor-experience designers push the boundaries of creativity.
  • We also design tunnel viewing systems as part of our turnkey aquarium Design>Build>Operate service

Manufacturing & Installation

  • In partnership with our sister-company, AAT Acrylics, we supply raw acrylic panels, form them into tunnels and install them on site.
  • We also bond and install tunnels featuring appropriate types of acrylic manufactured by third parties.

Reparis & Renovations

  • Older tunnels sometimes need a face-lift or even repairs. 
  • Ask about AAT’s Repair and Renovation Services

Creative spaces

Innovative demi-tunnels and semi-see-through passages.

These half-tunnels create surprising and delightful experiences within the overall customer journey at the XPLORE Entertainment Center, in Athens, Greece

The largest theme and education park in Greece provides fun for all the family with an innovative aquarium built by Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) featuring viewing systems manufactured by AAT Acrylics. 

Located within the Golden Hall Shopping Mall, Xplore is a 4,500-square-meter multi-zone kids edutainment space with a 1,200 square meters interactive ocean exhibit.

SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s

Renovating The World’s Oldest Aquarium Tunnel

The world’s first aquarium tunnel was installed in 1985 at Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World in Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2008, AAT refurbished the 110-meter-long tunnel, which involved removing the panels, polishing them, some re-sizing work and then the reinstallation. The tunnel is still in use at what is now SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium.

experience & expertise.

AAT has unbeatable experience in the global delivery and installation of some of the world’s largest acrylic panels, domes, tunnels and cylinders in a wide range of facilities all over the world.

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