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Skid Mounted LSS Units

Commercial grade, aquairum life support systems.

AAT’s skid-mounted life support systems are a custom built ‘plug and play’ modular units that are designed to the clients specific requirements with single large skids able to support up to a 20,000 L tank.

Constructed under workshop conditions in out factor and tested before being shipped allows for the skids to be installed on site with minimum disruption.

The skid units are available with a range of fittings to accommodate all budgets with the electrical system being adaptable from simple socket plug type right up to full HMI touch screen control with alarm outputs.

Skid-mounted systems allow for faster and cheaper installations while achieving a more reliable higher quality product.

Why Clients Prefer AAT LSS Units


AAT LSS Units are designed to optimise space whilst all the components remain accessible for operation and maintenance.

Flexibility to adjust the set points and change animals in the exhibit.


AAT LSS Units are not only aesthetically impressive but are built to last in corrosive environments.

When you purchase an AAT LSS Unit you are buying premium products made from high quality components.


Skids units are equipment with the critical equipment including;
– Foam fractionator
– UV units
– HEX or Heat Pumps
– Bag filter

Technical Specifications

Filtration CapacityAAT Foam FractionatorAAT UV FIlterAAT OzoneAAT Control Panel
2 - 20m3 / 70 - 706 ft3FF600 - 1200300 - 60011

3-4x Pumps
1x Bio Tower
1x Sump
3x Sensor Probes (Temperature, Orp & Ozone)

Optional Extras

AAT Heat Exchanger
AAT Heat Pump
Splash Guards
Pre-Filter Screens

Product Features

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