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Acrylic Tunnels, Domes & Windows

When acrylic windows are installed in small and large aquarium exhibits, visitors are encouraged to engage with the sea life and will enjoy spectacular sights they may have never experienced before.

AAT’s highly trained and experienced team will turn your aquarium concepts and ideas into reality. AAT provide a full range of acrylic services including bonding, thermoforming and annealing of cast acrylic to create aquariums tunnels, domes, curved and large panels designed for amazing underwater views.

Acrylic has excellent optical clarity and unlike glass, acrylic is perfectly clear and does not impart a green or smoky tinge. Combine this clarity with the high impact resistance, durability and ease of refurbishment and there is little doubt as to why acrylic windows are used all over the world. These unique properties are what make it the aquarium industry’s material of choice for underwater aquarium tunnels, viewing windows, domes and curved panels.

Since completing a number of major international projects, AAT have developed a reputation as experts in acrylic installation. In 2012 AAT installed the world’s largest acrylic panel in the Marine Life Park for Resort World Sentosa in Singapore. This panel held the Guinness Book of World Records Stamp from 2012 – 2014. Acrylic panel dimensions – 36m long x 8.3m high x 720mm thick, weighing in at 260 tons.

Acrylic Tunnels, Domes & Windows | Advanced Aquarium Technologies

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