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Aquarium Rockwork & Theming

Detailed environment replication is a key feature of modern international aquarium exhibits. AAT’s creative, above and below-water aquarium rockwork and theming services include the design, documentation, construction, supply and installation of artificial rockwork, corals, trees and plant materials. To create genuinely realistic aquarium exhibits, AAT use cast and latex molds to re-produce habitats that are designed to replicate each species in their natural environment. All of the artificial creations can be integrated as required with living plant material.

AAT’s specialised team of technicians use quality finishing materials to ensure the installed aquarium rockwork and specified exhibit theming is built with structural integrity and surface finish durability to withstand permanent immersion in an aquarium environment. All aquarium rockwork materials used are strictly non-toxic and compatible with the intended marine life of the aquarium exhibit.

With FRP tank manufacturing and supply, our clients can incorporate pre-installed aquarium rockwork and theming features reducing the cost of on-site mobilisation. All aquarium exhibits are hydro-tested and quality assured before being shipped from the AAT dedicated fabrication facility.

Aquarium Rockwork & Theming

Oman Aquarium Rockwork & Theming