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Aquarium Waterproofing

The quality of reinforced concrete and applied aquarium waterproofing systems are paramount to the overall durability and lifespan of the completed aquarium. By installing AAT’s specialised waterproofing application over inferior systems to the structure, our clients can expect higher strength and durability, longevity to the application and structure, a flexible liner for future expansion and an inert and impervious product once applied and cured.

AAT use only the best quality fibreglass reinforced polymer as the basis of applied aquarium waterproofing systems. It is essential that the system have crack spanning capacity, durability and be completely fish safe and non-toxic to the marine environment.

Steps in the installation process include:
– Vinyl Ester Coating Application
– Layers of Chop Strand Mat
– Filler Coat Application
– Flow Coat Application

AAT’s worldwide aquarium waterproofing applications include:

Miami Frost Science Muesum Miami, USA | SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Syndey, Australia | Cube Oceanarium Chengdu, China | Den Bla Planet Copenhagen, Denmark | Ocean Park Hong Kong, China | Dubai Aquarium Dubai, UAE | Tivoli Aquarium Copenhagen, Denmark | Kaunas Mega Mall Kaunas, Lithuania | Wynn Casino Macau, China | Crocosaurus Cove Darwin, Australia | Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Aquarium Melbourne, Australia | Melbourne Aquarium Melbourne, Australia | Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Shanghai, China | Ocean World Guangzhou, China

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