Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, UAE

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) supplies Life Support Systems and creates innovative visitor experiences for one of the world's leading aquariums.

Project Overview

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a signature attraction at The Dubai Mall, the world’s second-largest shopping centre by land area and the most-visited shopping and leisure destination on Earth (84 million shoppers in 2019).

With 33,000 animals, world-recording-breaking viewing panels, a 270-degree walkthrough tunnel and an underwater zoo, the aquarium is exceptional.

AAT has delivered three important projects for Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:

Crocodile Exhibit Life Support System (LSS):

AAT designed and manufactured the life support system for the crocodile exhibit, home to King Croc, a 5-meter-long, 750-kilogram Australian crocodile.

Three pre-plumbed sand filters on a single skid form part of the LSS, which includes a separate skid for the heat pumps, UV system and electrical distribution boards

Main Tank Viewing & Feeding Platform:

AAT supplied and installed a customer-made 6-meter x 3.9-metre underwater viewing platform at the surface of the main tanks.

Visitors standing on the platform enjoy an immersive fish-feeding experience thanks to the acrylic cylinder and viewing panels.

The platform was constructed off-site and delivered in 5 sections (4 for the platform, plus the stairs).

Dubai Mall Aquarium Encounters

Back Of House Tour Exhibits:

For this project, AAT designed, manufactured, and installed a series of aquaculture micro-exhibits.

The ‘behind-the-scene’ displays showcase coral-growing, sea horse breeding, sea jellies and bamboo sharks.

A micro-algae and artemia grow-out system for jellyfish feeding was also installed.

Dubai Aquarium New Exhibits2 (1)

AAT also designed, built and installed skid-mounted life support systems as part of the project.

Small Skid Dubai


Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo - شارع المركز المالي، - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Time Frame
2014 & 2015

(1) 6 exhibit skids & 3 LSS skids; (2) Floating platform over the top of the main tank and (3) King Croc Exhibit

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Phase 1


The first phase addresses feasibility, budgeting, concept development, creative themes, visitor-experience design and journey-mapping, detailed engineering and project planning.

Phase 2


The second phase focuses on acrylic manufacturing, construction and installation, the supply and installation of life support systems, waterproofing, lighting, filling and stocking the tanks.

Phase 3


The third phase includes handing the aquarium over to its owners and operators. Also included this phase, for older aquariums, are services relating to refurbishment and renovation.

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