Project Overview

As part of a massive redevelopment program, Ocean Park Hong Kong constructed a new Grand Aquarium to replace its existing aging aquarium facility. The Grand Aquarium features the world’s largest aquarium dome, which is an astounding 5.5 meters in diameter. This tourist attraction also has a large 13m wide acrylic viewing panel which displays 5,000 fish from over 400 species.
Advanced Aquarium Technologies was contracted to provide aquarium specialist life support design and construction services for the Grand Aquarium.

Client Ocean Park Hong Kong

Time Frame 2009 to 2010

Team On-Site 80 AAT personnel

Project Full redesign of LSS which reduced building height by 1 story

world map
Hong Kong, China
Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park
Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park
Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park

Scope of Works

LSS Design & Engineering Service
Construct & Install Services
– Panels and Windows
Fibre Reinforced Polymer Tanks
– Exhibit tanks
– Quarantine tanks
Life Support System Services
– Foam Fractionators
– Sand Filters
– Bag Filters
– Bio Filters
– Titanium UV Filter
– Ozone Generators
– Heat Exchangers
– Heat Pumps
– Skid Mounted LSS Units
– Digital Control Systems
Commissioning, Training & Handover Service
Aquarium Operations Services