Project Overview

James Cook University (JCU) completed a large construction project “The Science Place” at the Townsville campus. The state-of-the-art, 12,000m² building includes laboratories, learning facilities and a 6m cylindrical aquarium that leaves visitors excited to see more.

University staff, high schools and the community are encouraged to utilise the aquarium for marine research and teaching opportunities.

The aquarium life support system and rockwork bommie were built in AAT’s factory before being freighted to site for installation. AAT’s extensive procedures and commitment to quality control guarantee a smooth transition from contract to completion.

Client James Cook University

Time Frame 2016-2017

Team On-Site 3 AAT personnel

System Type Closed re-circulation system using artificial sea water

Total Water Volume 10,000,000 litres

World Map
Townsville, Australia
James Cook University Aquarium
James Cook University Aquarium Bommie
AAT Life Support System | James Cook University Aquarium

Scope of Works

Concept Development Services
Sketch & Schematic Services
Design & Engineering Services
Construct & Install Services
Acrylic Installation
Rockwork & Theming
– Base rock construction
– Corals
Life Support System Services
– Foam Fractionators
– Bag Filters
– Bio Filters
– Titanium UV Filter
– Heat Pumps
– Skid Mounted LSS Units
– Digital Control Systems
Commissioning, Training & Handover Service