Project Overview

The Melbourne Aquarium is home to over 10,000 animals and has an excellent array of tropical and Southern Ocean species. Victoria’s leading attraction features a Penguin Playground exhibit which replicates the seasons and light cycles of Antarctica.
In 2008, AAT completed work on the Penguin Exhibit, which consists of 14-degree Celsius chilled water and a state of the art life support system. This remarkable and unique exhibit has the ability to make snow and is temperature controlled.  The temperature in the Penguin Playground ranges from -10 degrees to 5 degrees.

Client Melbourne Aquarium

Time Frame 2008

Team On-Site 12 AAT personnel

Total Water Volume 120,000 litres

World Map
Melbourne, Australia
Penguin Exhibit | Melbourne Aquarium
Penguin Exhibit | Melbourne Aquarium
Penguin Exhibit LSS | Melbourne Aquarium

Scope of Works

Construct & Install Services
Acrylic Installation
Fibre Reinforced Polymer Tanks
– Exhibit tanks
Life Support System Services
– Foam Fractionators
– Sand Filters
– Bag Filters
– Bio Filters
– Titanium UV Filter
– Ozone Generators
– Ozone Contact Cambers
– Heat Exchangers
– Digital Control Systems
Livestock Sourcing & Relocation Services