Project Overview

The Oman Aquarium will be located within the Palm Mall in Oman’s capital city, Muscat. The public aquarium will span three floors, with 5,600 sqm of visitor space. Advanced Aquarium Technologies are contracted for the full design and construction works for this project. The design work includes review of concept, schematic design and complete design development including the interior architecture. Due to the short time frame AAT concurrently manufactured FRP exhibit tanks, fully complete with rockwork and theming. AAT are also responsible for major life support and equipment as well as acrylic thermoforming and bonding.

Client Al Jarwani Entertainment

Time Frame 2016 to Current

Main Tank Water Volume 1,800,000 litres

world map
Muscat, Oman
Oman Aquarium 3D Render
Oman Aquarium 3D Render
Oman Aquarium 3D Render

Scope of Works

Concept Development Services
Sketch & Schematic Services
Design & Engineering Services
Construct & Install Services
– Panels and Windows
– Tunnels
– Domes
Fibre Reinforced Polymer Tanks
– Exhibit tanks
– Processing tanks
– Quarantine tanks
Rockwork & Theming
– Base rock construction
– Corals
– Theming
Life Support System Services
– Foam Fractionators
– Sand Filters
– Bag Filters
– Bio Filters
– Titanium UV Filter
– Ozone Generators
– Heat Exchangers
– Heat Pumps
– Skid Mounted LSS Units
– Digital Control Systems
Commissioning, Training & Handover Service