Congratulations to Whitsunday Coast Airport for the well-deserved profile in Sunday’s Weekender TV program aired on Channel 7. The airport’s Heart Reef Aquarium is a popular feature in the terminal building, where it delights travellers of all ages.

Whitsunday Airport 5

(If you want to cut-to-the-chase, start at the 40 second mark.)

The Heart Reef’s 30,000-litre tank is 10 meters long, contains over 100 species and features 4 tonnes of moulded coral. The aquarium and its Life Support Systems were designed, built, and installed by AAT.

Fish feeding, tank cleaning, water quality management and life support system maintenance tasks are outsourced to AAT through our Operation and Maintenance Service, which was recently renewed.

Another AAT customer – the gorgeous  Daydream Island Resort – is also mentioned in the program. The resort features a 1.5 million-litre free form coral lagoon with an Underwater Observatory incorporating a 7 x 3 meter acrylic window built and installed by AAT.

Whitsunday Airport 4