International Aquarium Congress 2016

The 2016 IAC was held between the 26th and 29th of September 2016 in Vancouver and was another great event that the team enjoyed being a part of. As the IAC only takes place every few years it was the perfect opportunity too catch-up with our clients and contacts within the global public aquarium community.

IAC Team 2016 | Advanced Aquarium Technologies

IAC Team: Ronald Liao (AAT), Zac Gill (AAT), Jonathan Trollope (Prochem Pumps),  Dr Gerd Jonas (Evonik Industries), Wolfgang Stuber (Evonik Industries) and John Langmead (AAT).

The AAT team were thrilled to visit the Vancouver Aquarium whilst in the region. It was clear upon the teams return that the vote for best display within the aquarium was a tough one. The sea otters, penguins, seals and sea lions all deserve a special mention as they were all captivating to watch. Here are a few images we took whist enjoying the exhibits at the Vancouver Aquarium:

Aquarium Otters | Advanced Aquarium Technologies
Seals Swimming | Advanced Aquarium Technologies
Penguins | Advanced Aquarium Technologies

We look forward to these events and thank everyone who came by to say hello and speak to us about their businesses, the industry and our products and services.