All turnkey aquarium specialists are not created equal. As a mainly vertically-integrated organisation, AAT combines more of the critical skills and capabilities in a single in-house aquarium-delivery team.

In-house delivery specialists

More services and capabilities under one roof.

As our CEO, John Langmead, once said, “Building a world-class aquarium is no small undertaking. It is expensive, technically demanding, logistically complex and there are, quite literally, thousands of lives at stake.”

So, the last thing you need is an army of separate sub-contracted suppliers pointing fingers at each other when things go wrong.

Over the past twenty-five years, AAT has assembled an enormous portfolio of skills, capabilities and technologies into a single in-house aquarium-delivery team and turnkey operation.

Real teamwork helps us do our job to the highest possible standards, simplifies logistics, increases quality control and provides more peace of mind.

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An exceptional portfolio of in-house capabilities.

  • A seamless start-to-finish service.
  • More than project coordinators - we are the lead supplier of equipment and services too.
  • We offer productive collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams and resources.
  • Our logistical and project management track record provides total peace-of-mind.
  • A high-level of internal delivery means excellent control over quality assurance.
  • System-thinking from design to execution, for a cost-efficient and durable aquarium that is easy to operate and spectacular to see.

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Phase 1


The first phase addresses feasibility, budgeting, concept development, creative themes, visitor-experience design and journey-mapping, detailed engineering and project planning.

Phase 2


The second phase focuses on acrylic manufacturing, construction and installation, the supply and installation of life support systems, waterproofing, lighting, filling and stocking the tanks.

Phase 3


The third phase includes handing the aquarium over to its owners and operators. Also included this phase, for older aquariums, are services relating to refurbishment and renovation.

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Design > Build > Operate

Our Turnkey Service

Phase 1

Design Phase

Feasibility and Concept Development Service

Our Feasibility and Concepting Service provides support and guidance for business case analysis, scoping and idea development in very early stages of aquarium design.

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Sketch and Schematics Service

Bring architects together with aquarium engineers, construction experts and animal specialists to unlock innovative designs that are inspiring, practical to build and cost-efficient to operate.

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Design & Engineering Service

Establish detailed engineering and construction specifications for the aquarium’s core infrastructure, life support systems and other essential components.

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Acrylic Innovations

How big can you go? Find new and innovative ways to create breathtaking viewing experiences using acrylic panels, domes, tunnels and cylinders.

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Phase 2

Build Phase

On-site Construction

Our on-site construction expertise is backed by 25 years of international experience building all types of aquariums, from feature installations in shopping malls to award-winning and world-record-breaking attractions.

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Acrylic Manufacturing & Installation

We operate one of the world’s largest aquarium-quality acrylic manufacturing facilities, build ‘mega-panels’ and offer highly skilled ‘value-add’ and acrylic installation services.

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Life Support Systems

AAT Life Support Systems create and maintain healthy water for happy animals. Installed on-site or delivered on skid-mounted units assembled at our global pre-fabrication facility, our LS Systems are easy to operate, energy-efficient and highly durable.

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FRP Tanks

Create beautiful, animal-safe displays cost-efficiently. AAT Fibre Reinforced Plastic Tanks are prefabricated by skilled workers at our global manufacturing hub, providing the highest quality at a far lower price than on-site construction.

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Quarantine Systems

More than legal and regulatory compliance, AAT quarantine products and facilities help protect the animals’ health for successful healthcare and tank-introductions.

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Rockwork and Themes

AAT craftsmen recreate intricate corals, realistic rockwork and plant-life and vibrant creative themes that are durable, cleanable and safe for the animals.

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Lighting Systems

Beyond illumination, our lighting systems help simulate natural habitats and support animal wellbeing.

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Waterproofing Services

Our water-proofing services protect living ecosystems as well as the building. We seal concrete structures with non-toxic and high-grade fibreglass reinforced polymers to create animal-safe and ultra-durable habitats.

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Animal Sourcing

AAT is legally approved and licensed to ethically acquire, breed and export marine animals.

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Animal Relocation Service

Introducing animals to a new aquarium works best when they leave their port of origin in excellent health, travel in high-quality tanks and are well cared for en route. So that’s what we do.

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Phase 3

Operate Phase

Commissioning, Training & Handover

Our services include technical commissioning of the infrastructure and equipment as well as aquarium staff training. Our goal is to make the team confident in all aspects of running, managing and maintaining the facility.

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Independent Audits & Inspections

Inspections you can trust from a skilled, experienced and independent team.

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Operations and Maintenance Services

Our flexible and modular service lets aquarium operators select which responsibilities to keep ‘in-house’ and which to ‘out-source’ to specialists.

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Emergency Repairs

AAT offers a fast, confidential and global response to unplanned and challenging acrylic, LSS or tank issues.

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Renovate, Upgrade and Expand Service

Even the most fabulous aquariums must stay fresh, adapt to changing customer expectations and innovate to maintain their relevance and appeal. AAT can help.

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