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Aquarium Installations

AAT aquariums create happy, memorable and talked-about features in all kinds of spaces, from children’s hospitals and airport lounges to shopping malls, fish markets, offices, high-end restaurants, resort experiences and hotel lobbies.

Fabulous Aquarium Installations

Aquariums cheer up any space, from transportation hubs and places of work to healthcare institutions, upmarket buildings, resorts and hotels and trips to the mall.

Aquarium installations in public spaces and on private property must provide maximum impact, enhance the surroundings and come with manageable feeding and maintenance requirements.

AAT has installed a wide range of beautiful aquariums in a wide range of properties and facilities all over the world.

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University Installation
James Cook University Science Place Aquarium, Townsville, Australia

AAT installs 3-meter cylindrical aquarium in The Science Place, the first educational building in Australia to achieve a LEED® Gold rating for environmentally sustainable design....

Airport Installation
Whitsunday Airport Heart Reef Aquarium, Proserpine, Queensland, Australia.

"When you arrive [at Whitsunday Airport], make sure you say g'day to the colourful welcoming committee." (Weekender TV show, Channel 7, Australia. )...

Hotel Installation
Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef, Whitsundays, Australia

$100 million refurbishment relaunches a stunning resort severely damaged by a tropical cyclone....

Hospital Installation
The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Youngsters at renowned children's hospital delighted by a two-storey-high cylindrical aquarium designed, built and operated by Advance Aquarium Technologies (AAT)....

Hotel Installation
Wynn Macau, Macau, China.

Beautiful moon jelly display created by Advanced Aquarium Technologies entertains guests at a prestigious luxury hotel and casino....

Shopping Mall
MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre Aquarium, Kaunas, Lithuania

Advanced Aquarium Technologies’ 10-metre-high aquarium installation helps Baltic shopping centre stand tall....

A big shout-out to AAT aquarist Alison Liew on International Women’s Day 2021.

So, Alison, you’re an aquarist, but you work in a hospital. That’s unusual. What’s the story? Yes, it is very unusual. So, believe it or not, within the Royal Children’s...

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8 ways to support the wellbeing of animals during transportation

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