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Sand Filters

Few things in life are as reliable as an AAT Sand Filter, providing peace of mind for you and nice clean water for the animals that live in it.

Simple. Dependable. Effective.

AAT Sand Filters are resistant to chemical and ozone attacks, contain no corrosion-vulnerable metal components, can be back-washed automatically and are easy to inspect and maintain.

Why Clients Prefer AAT Sand Filters

Durable & reliable

  • Made from strong, durable, premium-grade Vinyl ester resin that is resistant to chemical and ozone attack.
  • No corrosion-vulnerable metal components inside the chamber.
  • Quality fittings and valves.

Innovative design

  • Water entering the chamber strikes a plate that deflects it evenly across the sand without unduly disturbing it.
  • One-piece removable septum nozzles on the flat bed plenum under the sand create a smooth, distributed flow.

Innovative design

  • Chose from a range of six different sand filters catering for flow rates of:
  • Biological Filtration
    24,400 litres per hour to 89,700 litres per hour.
  • Chemical Filtration
    36,600 litres per hour to 134,600 litres per hour.

Visual inspections

  • Aquarium operators can easily inspect the action inside through the large, transparent viewing port fitted as standard.


  • Typically operated by AAT Control Systems (sold separately) that run backwash programmes on pre-set automated schedules.

Premium aesthetics

  • Premium-looking equipment is more likely to get the care, attention and respect it deserves from operators and maintenance personnel.

How are sand filters typically installed?

Watch the video, and see for yourself.

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Technical Specifications

Model Filter Area (m2) Biological Flow (m3/hr) Connection Size (Inch) Dim A (m) Dim B (mm) Dim C (mm) Shipping Weight (kg)
SF1200 1.13 24.4 4′ 0.53 1345 1599 345
SF1400 1.54 33.3 4′ 0.60 1506 1668 411
SF1600 2.01 43.4 4′ 0.65 1706 1770 486
SF1800 2.54 55.0 6′ 0.70 1931 2190 625
SF2000 3.14 67.9 6′ 0.75 2134 2306 705
SF2300 4.15 89.7 6′ 0.75 2475 2442 836
Model Filter Area (ft2) Biological Flow (ft3/hr) Connection Size (Inch) Dim A (Inch) Dim B (Inch) Dim C (Inch) Shipping Weight (Lbs)
SF1200 12.17 862.7 4′ 20.9 53.0 63.0 760.6
SF1400 16.57 1174.2 4′ 23.6 59.3 65.7 906.1
SF1600 21.64 1533.7 4′ 25.6 67.2 69.7 1071.4
SF1800 27.39 1941.1 6′ 27.6 76.0 86.2 1377.9
SF2000 33.82 2396.4 6′ 29.5 84.0 90.8 1554.2
SF2300 44.72 3169.2 6′ 29.5 97.5 96.1 1843.0
Sand Filter Dim2 (1)
Sand Filter Dim3

AAT sand-filters were installed on these exciting projects

Entertainment Centre

XPLORE Entertainment Center, Athens, Greece

Largest theme and education park in Greece provides fun for all the family with an innovative aquarium built by Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT)....

Public Aquarium

Oman Aquarium, Oman, Muscat.

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) delivers the Middle East’s largest themed aquarium, home to 30,000 animals in over 55 exhibits....

University Installation

James Cook University Science Place Aquarium, Townsville, Australia

AAT installs 3-meter cylindrical aquarium in The Science Place, the first educational building in Australia to achieve a LEED® Gold rating for environmentally sustainable design....

Renovations and Upgrades

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, UAE

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) supplies Life Support Systems and creates innovative visitor experiences for one of the world's leading aquariums....

Public Aquarium

Cube Oceanarium, Chengdu, China

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) plays a leading role in the delivery of a world-record-setting public aquarium exhibiting 10,000 aquatic creatures....

Public Aquarium

Den Bla Planet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Advanced Aquarium Technologies leads the design and construction of the National Aquarium of Denmark - Northern Europe's largest aquarium....

Resort Installation

S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

AAT supplies and installs Life Support System into an enormous Singapore aquarium with 100,000 marine animals and over 40 habitats. ...

Hospital Installation

The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Youngsters at renowned children's hospital delighted by a two-storey-high cylindrical aquarium designed, built and operated by Advance Aquarium Technologies (AAT)....

Public Aquarium

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium, Hong Kong, China

Advanced Aquarium Technology supplies Life Support Systems and Waterproofing Services to leading Asian theme park aquarium....

Renovations and Upgrades

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, Australia

Advanced Aquarium Technologies gets visitors up close and personal with some of Australia’s most feared creatures in a unique apex predator experience....

Public Aquarium

Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium – Stingray Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) helps create 300,000-litre stingray exhibit, renovate life support systems and restores the acrylic tunnel at a legendary New Zealand aquarium....

Shopping Mall

MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre Aquarium, Kaunas, Lithuania

Advanced Aquarium Technologies’ 10-metre-high aquarium installation helps Baltic shopping centre stand tall....

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