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Multi-function Bag Filters

A simple and cost-efficient alternative to sand filters, multi-function bag filters remove particulate matter from small systems, trap detritus vacuumed from large tanks and are ideal for space-constrained plant-rooms.

Versatile. Compact. Easy to install.

This unidirectional pressure filter (working pressure 0-100 PSI) is suitable for a wide range of filtering and water treatment applications. Compatible with filtering media for carbon purification or biological filtration.

Why Clients Prefer AAT Multi-function Bag Filters

Ideal for small systems

  • Simple and robust alternative to sand-filtration in small systems.
  • Often specified for systems under 20,000 litres (depending on factors and circumstances).
  • Perfect for space-constrained plant rooms.

Easy to install

  • Mount onto a base only, or a wall and a base, or a wall only.
  • Four in-built mounting positions so the unit can be ‘rotated’ (vertical axis).
  • No fixed lid-handles jutting out either side -removable handles enable lid removal in small spaces.
  • Pipe size reducers enable connections of 4” and 2″.

Smart design

  • Designed by AAT personnel with intimate knowledge of the issues and challenges of onsite LSS construction.
  • Easy bag removal due to built-in bleed vent in the lid and hinged basket handle.
  • Connects easily to new and existing infrastructure.

Technical Specifications

Bag Filter Specs Metric
Bag Filter Specs Imperial
Bag Filter Parts2
Bag Filter Dimensions2
Bag Filter Features3
Bag Filter Download

AAT Multi-function Bag Filters were installed on these exciting projects

Public Aquarium

Den Bla Planet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Advanced Aquarium Technologies leads the design and construction of the National Aquarium of Denmark - Northern Europe's largest aquarium....

Public Aquarium

Cube Oceanarium, Chengdu, China

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) plays a leading role in the delivery of a world-record-setting public aquarium exhibiting 10,000 aquatic creatures....

Public Aquarium

Oman Aquarium, Oman, Muscat.

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) delivers the Middle East’s largest themed aquarium, home to 30,000 animals in over 55 exhibits....

Public Aquarium

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium LSS, Hong Kong, China

Advanced Aquarium Technology supplies Life Support Systems and Waterproofing Services to leading Asian theme park aquarium....

Entertainment Centre

XPLORE Entertainment Center, Athens, Greece

Largest theme and education park in Greece provides fun for all the family with an innovative aquarium built by Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT)....

Resort Installation

S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

AAT supplies and installs Life Support System into an enormous Singapore aquarium with 100,000 marine animals and over 40 habitats. ...

University Installation

James Cook University Science Place Aquarium, Townsville, Australia

AAT installs 3-meter cylindrical aquarium in The Science Place, the first educational building in Australia to achieve a LEED® Gold rating for environmentally sustainable design....

Public Aquarium

Sea Life Melbourne Expansion – Penguin Playground Exhibit, Australia.

AAT helps create an iconic penguin exhibit as part of a major aquarium expansion program....

Hotel Installation

Mardan Palace Hotel & Resort Swim Reef, Antalya, Turkey.

AAT provides LSS equipment and helps build rockwork and corals in a large and luxurious swim reef....

Public Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium Behind-The-Scenes Tour, UAE.

The Dubai Aquarium is home to a massive 33,000 animals and showcases more than 85 species. The facility features a huge acrylic viewing panel, 270-degree walkthrough tunnel and...

Public Aquarium

The Tivoli Aquarium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Advanced Aquarium Technologies creates Northern Europe's longest saltwater aquarium at the continent's fifth most visited theme park....

Public Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium, Mooloolaba, Australia.

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium is located just one hour north of Brisbane, in the heart of Mooloolaba. ...

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