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AAT Acrylic Panels

A room with a view.

AAT has helped install some of the world’s largest aquarium viewing panels and has mastered the art of bonding individual acrylic blocks to create colossal windows that are clearer than glass, ultra- durable and able to withstand immense pressure.

AAT Acrylics’ panels are in used at world class facilities like the Daydream Island Resort and Living Reef, the Jamala Wildlife Centre, Lodz Zoo, the Oman Aquarium, Pairi Daiza and other exciting venues.

The largest block of perfectly clear ACRYLITE® ever made.
Length: 9.3 meters. Width: 3.15 meters. Thickness: 120 mm. Weight: just over 4,150 kilos or 4.6 US tons.

Acrylic innovations

The largest block of perfectly clear ACRYLITE® ever made is just our starting point.

Not only does AAT Acrylics make enormous acrylic blocks of exceptional quality, we bond them together to create viewing-panels of phenomenal size, strength and clarity. In aquariums, these mega-panels provide breathtaking visitor experiences.

Despite weighing tens or even hundreds of tonnes, we transport these huge panels around the world and install them in place with accuracy measured in millimetres using water-proofing techniques that stand the test of time.

Acrylic Manufacturing (1)

experience & expertise.

AAT has provided full acrylic panel installation services including the waterproofing in aquariums and zoos around the world.

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Large, curved panels

Beyond fish.

It’s not just aquariums that need big, strong and superbly clear panels of acrylic.

This 12 meter curved cast acrylic panel was manufactured and thermoformed at AAT’s global ACRYLITE® production facility and installed by AAT with water-tight precision at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island exhibit on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The clear ACRYLITE® acrylic panel provides visitors with an underwater view of the tigers swimming and playing in the water.

Length: 12 meters | Bonds: 2 vertical | Arc: 12.508 meters | Thickness: 60 mm

Acrylic viewing system services

Acrylic Innovation Consulting Service

How far can we go?

There’s nothing we enjoy more than collaborating with architects and visionaries to push the boundaries of imagination and creativity on aquarium design. Our engineers and acrylic technicians are available to consult on projects putting acrylic to use in new and innovative ways or break new viewing panel records.

Specification Support

Installation, construction and installation expertise.

We’ll help you develop the right engineering specifications for your needs, balancing initial construction costs with longer term requirements for durability and performance.

Maintenance and Repairs

Fast. Professional. Supportive.

From acrylic cleaning services to emergency repairs, AAT responds swiftly and professionally to your needs and requirements.

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The hidden cost of cheap engineering.

Lowering engineering standards on acrylic viewing systems may save money on aquarium construction, but at what price in years to come? An overview for specifiers and decision-makers.

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AAT Acrylic Viewing Systems

Used by leading aquariums

Tried, tested and proven, AAT bag filters clean the water in some innovative aquariums.

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