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Foam Fractionators

AAT Foam Fractionators use billions of harmless bubbles to remove microscopic organic compounds, protein particles, amino acids, bacteria and other waterborne detritus from salt-water. It’s just one of the ways that AAT helps keeps aquatic creatures healthy and happy.

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Powered by simplicity

Inside AAT Foam Fractionators, a continuous stream of bubbles – uniform in size and density – circulate predictably and rise slowly against the current. With a 2-minute dwell time, these bubbles have plenty of time to attract all manner of debris and contaminants and convey them to the surface where they are removed.

Why Clients Prefer AAT Foam Fractionators

Versatile – 7 sizes available

  • From 5 to 226 cubic meters per hour (180 to 7,988 cubic feet per hour).
  • Body diameters from 300 to 2,000 mm (11.8” to 78.7”).
  • Option for 100% air or air/ozone mixture.

Easy to clean and maintain

  • Larger systems are primarily self-cleaning with an optional automated wash-down system and components.
  • The rotating spray wash-down mechanism is the only moving part inside an AAT fractionator.

Resilient and durable

  • Made with strong, durable, premium-grade vinyl ester resin – resistant to chemical and ozone attack.
  • Quality fittings and valves.
  • Free from corrosion-vulnerable metals inside the chamber.

Order individually or in batches

  • Can be shipped anywhere in the world for on-site installation in batches
  • Individual units can be supplied to replace or upgrade existing existing filtration solutions

Highly effective purification

  • Unique chamber-shape, valve-designs and component-positioning.
  • Tapered base reduces water exit velocity and allows fine bubbles to break.
  • Venturi manifolds incorporates tunable Mazzei injectors. Internal baffle plate for uniform fluid flow.

At-a-glance inspection

  • Acrylic viewing enables easy inspection of the venturi nozzles and the torrent of bubbles inside.
  • Clear PVC dome and cone makes control and diagnostic analysis easy.
  • Clear tubes enables visual inspection of mixing.

How are foam fractionators installed?

Watch the video, and see for yourself.

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Technical Specifications

Foam Frac Specs Metric
Foam Frac Specs Imperial
1 2 Ff1
1 2 Ff2
Foam Fractionator Download

AAT foam-fractionators were installed on these exciting projects

Public Aquarium

Den Bla Planet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Advanced Aquarium Technologies leads the design and construction of the National Aquarium of Denmark - Northern Europe's largest aquarium....

Public Aquarium

Cube Oceanarium, Chengdu, China

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) plays a leading role in the delivery of a world-record-setting public aquarium exhibiting 10,000 aquatic creatures....

Public Aquarium

Oman Aquarium, Oman, Muscat.

Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT) delivers the Middle East’s largest themed aquarium, home to 30,000 animals in over 55 exhibits....

Public Aquarium

Ocean Park Grand Aquarium LSS, Hong Kong, China

Advanced Aquarium Technology supplies Life Support Systems and Waterproofing Services to leading Asian theme park aquarium....

Public Aquarium

Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia.

One of the world’s biggest lagoon system for sharks kept sparkly clean and healthy by enormous AAT Life Support System....

Resort Installation

S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

AAT supplies and installs Life Support System into an enormous Singapore aquarium with 100,000 marine animals and over 40 habitats. ...

Public Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Penguin Island Expedition, Australia.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium engages AAT to provide acrylic, life support systems and waterproofing services for its innovative new penguin exhibit....

University Installation

James Cook University Science Place Aquarium, Townsville, Australia

AAT installs 3-meter cylindrical aquarium in The Science Place, the first educational building in Australia to achieve a LEED® Gold rating for environmentally sustainable design....

Public Aquarium

Sea Life Melbourne Expansion – Penguin Playground Exhibit, Australia.

AAT helps create an iconic penguin exhibit as part of a major aquarium expansion program....

Hotel Installation

Mardan Palace Hotel & Resort Swim Reef, Antalya, Turkey.

AAT provides LSS equipment and helps build rockwork and corals in a large and luxurious swim reef....

Public Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium Behind-The-Scenes Tour, UAE.

The Dubai Aquarium is home to a massive 33,000 animals and showcases more than 85 species. The facility features a huge acrylic viewing panel, 270-degree walkthrough tunnel and...

Public Aquarium

The Tivoli Aquarium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Advanced Aquarium Technologies creates Northern Europe's longest saltwater aquarium at the continent's fifth most visited theme park....

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