AAT Acrylics is happy to report that everything is on track for the delivery of over 530 tonnes of acrylic panels, tunnels and domes to a spectacular new aquarium in Vietnam.

The cutting-edge ‘Sea Shell’ aquarium, on Phú Quốc Island, was designed in conjunction with Legacy Entertainment and forms part of a new theme park by Vinpearl.

These fabulous photos show the AAT team busy polishing tunnel sections as well as huge panels that will be bonded together to create a gigantic viewing window for the aquarium’s main tank.

AAT Acrylics Production 1

For the time being the size of the main tank window and feature tunnel remains a secret, but we will tell you that this will be the largest acrylic window and tunnel that AAT has both produced and installed.

AAT Acrylics Production 2


AAT Acrylics Production 1=3

If you’re interested in learning more about how these gigantic viewing windows are created, check out our recent article “The hidden cost of cheap engineering“, which provides an easy-reading overview of the considerations involved in their design and engineering. 

Aat Acrylics Produxtion 5

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