Researchers in the UK have recently found that people who spend their time watching aquariums and fish tanks gain the benefits of enhanced physical and mental wellbeing. The study revealed a significant difference in blood pressure and heart rate of the tested participants watching a fully stocked aquarium when compared to people watching a tank with no fish.

The study also reported that people were more captivated and had a more positive mood if there were high numbers of fish in the tank.

“While large public aquariums typically focus on their educational mission, our study suggests they could offer a number of previously undiscovered benefits,” said Dr. Sabine Pahl, associate professor in psychology at Plymouth University. “In times of higher work stress and crowded urban living, perhaps aquariums can step in and provide an oasis of calm and relaxation.”

AAT are thrilled with these findings and believe that Public Aquariums do offer many benefits to the general public.

Click here to read the full research article by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter.