We’re very pleased to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2023 Regional Aquatics Workshop, which begins over the weekend at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa, about 3 hours from Chicago, USA.

RAW is one of America’s leading gathering of public aquarium curators, aquarists, Life Support System technicians and many other skilled and talented aquarium personnel who work tirelessly to keep those amazing aquatic critters in the pink of health.

Raw Composit
Why “RAW”? Well, if you ask the organizers, they’ll say –

Regional: ”Intentionally vague enough to include a future region of any size. (Originally encompassing the Great Lakes/Midwest region, attendees now come from all over North America, Europe , etc.)”

Aquatics: “The group is not limited to those interested in fishes, or to those working at traditional public aquariums.”

Workshop: “Read ‘Workshop’ as ‘public aquarium professionals of all levels learning from one another’”.

Have a great time learning from each other and if you’re at the event, be sure to say g’day to Jason Vanhinnisdael, who’ll be on post at the AAT sponsor’s booth.