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Aquarium Filtration Systems

Aquarium Filtration Systems are generally more sophisticated than a regular water treatment plant, in overall design and philosophy the aquarium filtration is an essential part of the living ecosystem and differs from a standard pool filtration plant. As large public aquariums require more than just clear water, water chemistry, system biology, component material, turnover rate and even tank currents are all integral to the health of the system.

Due to the unique biological and environment challenges in public aquariums, AAT have been researching, designing, developing and manufacturing a range of aquarium filtration systems for many years. AAT’s purpose built aquarium products includes:

Aquarium Filtration System Units | Aquarium Foam Fractionators | Aquarium Sand Filters  |  Multi-Function Bag Filters | Aquarium Protein Skimmers  |  Titanium Heat Exchangers  |  Heat Pumps  |  Titanium UV Filters  | Aquarium Ozone Generators |  Aquarium LSS Skid Systems

To fast-track a project, reduce expenses and ensure supreme quality, filtration systems are pre-fabricated before arriving on-site so that the installation can be simple, smart and efficient, the systems are delivered tested and checked during the pre-assembly process.

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