Project Overview

The Royal Children’s Hospital cylinder aquarium was built around a central coral bommie, stands two-storeys high and is home to approximately 40 different species of fish, two black tip reef sharks and one epaulette shark.
The aquarium tank measures 7.5 metres deep, four metres in diameter and holds around 130,000 litres of salt water. The cylinder acrylic is eight centimetres thick and the water temperature varies between 25.5 – 26 degrees Celsius.
The aquarium was designed to enhance interactivity and include multi-camera viewing that connected to the children’s hospital beds which would allow them to have a unique viewing experience.

Client Bovis Lend Lease

Time Frame 2009-2017

Team On-Site 10 AAT personnel

System Type Full artificial sea water system

Total Water Volume 130,000 litres

Acrylic Supplied by RPT

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Melbourne, Australia
Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Aquarium
Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Aquarium
Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Aquarium Sharks

Scope of Works

LSS Design & Engineering Services
Construct & Install Services
– Panels Installtion
Fibre Reinforced Polymer Tanks
– Processing tanks
– Quarantine tanks
Rockwork & Theming
– Base rock construction
– Corals
Life Support System Services
– Foam Fractionators
– Sand Filters
– Bag Filters
– Bio Filters
– Titanium UV Filter
– Ozone Generators
– Heat Exchangers
– Digital Control Systems
Livestock Sourcing & Relocation Services
Commissioning, Training & Handover Service
Aquarium Operations Services