Project Overview

This prestigious project was completed in 2002, and is located immediately adjacent Shanghai’s most significant tourist attraction the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong, Shanghai. The theme, ‘Across Continents through Worlds of Water’ captures the essence of the broad scope of exhibits on display in the public facility.
Beginning with the China Zone, visitors pass through representative countries of South America, Australia, Africa and the temperate zones that show coldwater fish and later, penguins. The sea provides the theme for the second phase of the visitor’s experience where they view some of the most fascinating animals from colour changing giant cuttlefish to the giant Japanese spider crabs.
The climax of the visitor’s experience is the showcase oceanarium consisting of 120 metres of travelator. Visitors move through a tunnel that displays five different marine environments including a coastal reef, open ocean, kelp cave, shark cove, and a coral reef.
AAT staff and consultants are proud to have been involved with Shanghai Ocean Aquarium through their united involvement with Living Ocean International.

Client Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Time Frame 1999 to 2002

System Type Closed re-circulation system using artificial sea water

Total Water Volume 4,900,000 litres

world map
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Scope of Works

Construct & Install Services
– Panels and Windows
– Tunnels
Rockwork & Theming
– Corals
– Theming
Life Support System Services
– Foam Fractionators
– Sand Filters
– Bag Filters
– Bio Filters
– Ozone Generators
– Heat Pumps