Our latest aquarium construction & LSS project is now operational!

Xplore at Golden Hall is a large multi-zone kids edutainment space that includes the Xplore Aquarium along with the Olympic Museum. The site itself is in within the Golden Hall shopping mall which was originally the Media/Television broadcast building for the 2004 Olympic Games.

Designed as either a mini attraction or as the much larger Xplore centre the aquarium occupies around 1200 sqm of exhibit area. There are 20 exhibits overall with 18 prefabricated and completely finished in AAT’s factory and two larger exhibits that we constructed from concrete on site. By completing the tanks in our factory we were able to reduce the on-site time needed to deliver this aquarium build. The original design intent was modified slightly to incorporate the use of acrylic demi tunnels to improve the visitor flow through the journey to the main tank.

The aquarium occupies around 1200sqm of exhibit area including tunnels and 20 exhibits displaying over 2000 fish from 140 different species.

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